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The Secret of the ATM Machine

by, Rachel Baugh (age 10)

About 3 years ago in a town called New Gruesome, it was Halloween time. All the kids were so excited, and all of the grownups were buying candy.

But there was this one guy of about the age of forty. His name was Fred. He wasn't the usual grown up. The only normal thing about him was that he owned a bank. You know the kind of people who are really sneaky? Well, he was one of them.

Fred was going to the store to get some candy for Halloween, but all the stores that he went to were sold out. So, he decided to be a little different (even though he didn't need to try at it). He was going to go trick or treating. But the only thing he needed was a Halloween costume. So he made himself a really tacky devil costume.

It was getting close to go trick or treating, so he got a big paper bag and colored black bats on it. He wasn't actually going to go REAL trick or treating, but he was really going to the ATM machines all over town. Since he was the boss of the main bank, he knew the code to hack in to all the ATM machines! So he went all over the town to the banks getting money.

A little girl getting candy from a house behind a bank saw the man getting money. So she decided o follow the man around. After Fred was done, the litle girl ran to her parents and told them.

But, it ended up that Fred had a bank account in every bank in town. But, I've heard that if you look at the bank every Halloween, you will see him getting money out of the ATM machine.